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The Complete Program for Early Literacy Success

Nemours BrightStart! brings its combination of child health expertise and early literacy research to offer Nemours BrightStart! The Complete Program for Early Literacy Success: Level One and Level Two. These courses offer educators the knowledge and tools needed to support the early identification and instruction of young children at risk for reading failure.  The primary focus of these courses is to prepare users to support future reading success. Find Out More!

More than 30% of our nation's children have trouble reading. Nemours BrightStart! can help. 

For Parents

Preparing your child for reading success is less about giant leaps and more about the things you can do every day.

For Educators

Designed with the help of educators, we offer programs to help build reading readiness skills in young children.

For Health Professionals

We provide tips for guiding parents with kids showing risk factors for dyslexia and other causes of reading failure.

For Researchers

Our research team studies the effectiveness of our programs and the prevention of reading failure and dyslexia.