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APCO Expectations Evaluation Software

Employee performance evaluations are often tedious and time consuming. The APCO Expectations Evaluation Software electronically manages evaluations and daily observation reports (DORs), reducing the repetitive task of keeping evaluations up-to-date.

Expectations simplifies many tasks by generating standardized evaluations. Defined criteria guides trainers and supervisors through the evaluation process, documenting and storing employee performance in a database. Trends are easily identified with the extensive color-coded charting feature. Expectations also provides administrators with valuable information on the evaluators' rating standards.

Expectations includes over 70 predefined criteria based on the San Jose Model. Criteria sets include General, Communications Training Officer (CTO), and Field Training Officer (FTO). Administrators can modify the criteria to meet their agency-specific requirements. In addition, all program functions are password protected.

Expectations is a joint offering by Smart Horizons and APCO Institute.

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  • Charting: Track performance over time and keep valuable analytics at your fingertips.

  • Electronic Signatures: Save time with the convenience of digital signing.

  • Password Protection: All program functions require an Administrator-issued password for access.

  • Printed Evaluation and Charting Reports: You can generate paper records using the extensive printing functions of the software.

    View a sample evaluation and criteria set.

  • Comprehensive Users Manual