Affiliate Program

Affiliate Smart Horizons extends partnerships to professional trainers or organizations who would like to offer web-based training. Partnerships allow you to offer state-of-the-art courseware that is currently used by companies throughout the United States.


Imagine having the ability to offer not only your current training offerings, but also over 400 hours of self-paced, web-based, and certified training. In addition, you can choose to have access to our learning management system, giving you the freedom to increase your learner population, streamline record keeping, and expand your clientele. Today’s learners are looking for training that is cost-effective and convenient, and Smart Horizons wants to help you meet their demands. Contact Smart Horizons today to learn how to turn this dream into a reality.




We Offer:

  • 400+ hours of certified online self-paced training (CEUs coming soon)
  • English & Spanish
  • Individual annual subscriptions
  • Microsoft Courses and Workforce Education Packages
  • Online learning environment with your company "look and feel"
  • Help desk and technical support
  • Student Records management and reporting
  • E-commerce service

Your Partnership Benefits

  • Establish your price for this training, plus your services
  • Pay our annual individual subscription fee
  • Record keeping through our approved CEU provider - No additional cost to you or your students
  • Branded online learning environment
  • Our partnership offer is valid for qualified training professionals for a limited time only. As a partnership is formed that area will be closed
  • Email and toll-free telephone technical support, help desk, and customer service
  • Reporting and record keeping